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This group was the brain child of one of my boring rainy afternoons, missing my friends because they all go to public school and I can't hang out with them very much during the week. I thought, "It would be so great if we had something set up like in California, where I could spend the day with other homeschoolers instead of doing my work by myself."

After moping like this for a while, I decided to channel my boredom into something creative. I thought, "So what if the school system doesn't offer us assistance? We don't need them! We can make it on our own!!"

I envision a support network that becomes so successful and so helpful that parents remove their kids from public school to participate. So many parents say, "I want so badly to homeschool my kids, but I don't have the time/energy/experience/etc.etc.etc." So hopefully this would help out in those situations too. And, as homeschooling becomes more popular, the school system would have no choice but to recognize our efforts and be more supportive.

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